You believe in sustainable living, you don’t want to compromise your ethics, beliefs and values; you are a woman who dreams of a fulfilled personal life, balanced with a purposeful professional life; But you find it difficult, almost impossible sometimes to stay true to yourself and your values.

Every morning, you pick your non-ethical outfit, from your non-sustainable wardrobe that doesn’t really reflect who you are, to go and do a job that doesn’t feel like it’s meant for you. You might be making money, you might be doing alright, but you can feel that it’s not your purpose. You grab something to eat, knowing it is not the best possible option, but you don’t have time to prepare anything better, and you go through the motion of the day, thinking ‘Is THIS it? Is THIS what I’m supposed to do? I mean, people seem to think I’m doing well, so maybe…’ Well, you can stop right here!

I’ve been there too, and I totally feel you!

I’m an Ethical Personal Stylist & Sustainability Coach for women with ethical values, who want to live a better, fulfilled life, and reach their goals, while looking good in clothes that reflect them and their values. They want to live an intentional, conscious and purpose-driven lifestyle, while being the proud owner of a killer wardrobe. I help them achieve their ethical and sustainable goals, and guide them through the very steps to creating a wardrobe they’ll love (guilt-free!).

From very young, I’ve always had a real and genuine excitement for everything fashion. From my small French-Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, I would go online and literally geek about Fashion Weeks, fashion bloggers and all these things that didn’t exist and weren’t available in my country. I could barely speak and understand English, but I was fascinated by the images, the visuals, and all these unusual silhouettes. I quickly realised the power of clothing and what they could say about the individual. After having spent five years in Bordeaux to get a Masters in Law, I decided to fly to London, the city where in my eyes, everything was possible – and everything actually ended up being possible! With no experience in journalism, no experience in fashion and a very basic English, I was able to study and get a Masters Degree in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled! But… there is always a ‘but’…

 “You can not compartmentalise your life, believe in certain things in certain settings, and then brush it under the carpet in other circumstances.”

There was a catch…

I had grown to be more aware of having a greater purpose, greater than just compulsively buying, greater than just promoting this over-consuming world. I had grown to become a vegetarian, and now a vegan. I had grown to be a spiritual individual – who previously didn’t really have a strong beliefs system. And I had also met my husband who made me believe in myself and my value. I was still passionate, but something had to change. The mind had to shift first, and it was a work in process. I started to realise that I need to action my beliefs : How was I to live my values, while I loved fashion so much ? How was I to combine my beliefs, with this consumption culture ? How could I stay true to my values when I was so passionate about telling stories with the image I portray? It took me some time before I figured it out : You can not compartmentalise your life, believe in certain things in certain settings, and then brush it under the carpet in other circumstances. I’m quite sure there is a medical term for people who have different personalities, by the way..! Anyway: The answer was right there: I had to define my values, strongly stand for them, and live them in every single area of my life; No passion was greater than my integrity or my sanity. And I knew how to combine seemingly diametrically opposite worlds..!  

Combining my fashion knowledge with my values, I was determined to turn my life around: no fast fashion, no polyester (argh!), and an ethical and conscious wardrobe, even if that meant less clothes. I soon realised that my wardrobe was becoming more and more practical and that the thought process resulting in me buying an item, would only lead me to get clothes that were really and truly telling me story, the story of who I am.

“I was blown away! What you wear really has an impact on who you are, how you feel about yourself and the image of yourself you convey to others!”

After shaky beginnings and countless doubts (what? sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring?), I was finally able to walk firmly in my knowledge of sustainable fashion, while proudly expressing my values. My wardrobe, even though still not completely optimised (it’s a work in progress, isn’t it), was a mirror of who I was. I soon realised the impact the whole process had had on my confidence and my general behaviour. I was blown away! What you wear really has an impact on who you are, how you feel about yourself and the image of yourself you convey to others!

This was too much of a gem for it to remain a secret…

I had to spread the word! Looking around, I realised how many women were probably feeling the same. I was so excited to share my findings and help them get out of this trap, I decided to make the big jump and do it! Now, after having undertaken several amazing programs and read everything I could possibly read on the topic – yes, I’m an obsessive learner, I’m a proud Ethical Personal Stylist and Sustainability Coach, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I get to meet amazing women who have a passion and an understanding of the urgency (and the fun!) of adopting a sustainable lifestyle, and I help them look good and feel good about their values. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to make a change in these women’s lives; I genuinely believe that was my calling. Now I still have a full-time job – that I love because it involves writing and content creation (yay!), and I get to also live my purpose by sharing my findings and my knowledge with those who truly want to make a difference by adopting an intentional lifestyle.

Is this you? I would love to hear from you and help you build this killer wardrobe you want without compromising your integrity. To know how we can work together, check out my Work With Me page!

Or if you want start building your sustainable wardrobe straight away, check out your Fabrics 101: A Comprehensive Guide to UNDERSTANDING FABRICS and making SUSTAINABLE CHOICES , that I've put together for you!