How To Break Up With Fast Fashion in 3 Steps

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If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, chances are: you know how harmful the fast fashion industry is. But if you’ve been around in the past few decades, you also know how prevalent it is in today’s society. Fast fashion has transformed the way we interact with fashion and the way we view shopping. I mean, have you ever been to an “afternoon shopping”, just because you could? Have you ever seen shopping for clothes as a nice little hobby? I know I have!

Growing up in the 90s-00s, I used to watch TV shows glorifying shopping and overconsumption; I used to be in awe in front of my favourite characters’ massive closets and dozens of shopping bags. And as I couldn’t afford to buy tons of quality clothes, I thought fast fashion was the only option for me to live this life. And my friends were doing it, so I thought it was normal. New arrivals every week, cheap clothes, an overflowing wardrobe, that was my life when I turned 20.

And then I realised. This was not sustainable, and this was an incredible waste of money and resources. So how to make the switch? How to leave fast-fashion behind and finally navigate our way within Sustainable Fashion? How to finally entertain a healthy relationship with fashion and consumption habits in general? How to break up with fast fashion? I’m breaking it down today.

Step 1 – Work on Your Mindset

The first thing that needs to happen is a mindset shift. We’ve been told that over-consuming was the norm; that the more we owned, the better it was; that a massive wardrobe was equal to a dream wardrobe; that a bigger house was a sign of a better life.

Well, I’m not going to go all about Minimalism here – I’ll simply link to this book, and let you decide. But yes! A mindset shift is the first thing that needs to happen.

When I talk about a mindset shift, I don’t mean you need to feel bad about whatever decisions were made in the past. That’s not necessary at all. But breaking up with fast fashion certainly is first and foremost about mindset. It’s all about what we decide to do moving forward, what we choose to support and what we want to invest in – hint: less stuff, but quality stuff!

Step 2 – Recognise the Toxicity of Your Relationship with Fast Fashion

Not to become too dark here, but I always say that our relationship with fast fashion is the equivalent of a toxic relationship with another human being. Why? Because fast fashion totally is this toxic boyfriend that doesn’t treat you well, also mistreats others, litters rubbish everywhere, eats all your money, and doesn’t even give you what you deserve – honestly what are these clothes that only last a few wears and need replacing?

So just for any other toxic relationship that does you more harm than good, I’ll say this: it’s going to be challenging to break up, and you might slip up here and there; but ultimately, it needs to be done soon. It’s time to break up with this boyfriend. It’s time to break up with fast fashion. You deserve better.

Step 3 – Find Contentment within your Wardrobe

So you know the change needs to happen, you’ve ended the toxic relationship. Now what? You still need clothes, right?

Yes, of course, you need clothes, but do you need so many new clothes? When I work with my clients, I mostly work on creating with them the backbone of their wardrobe. We build their initial capsule wardrobe, and I help them appreciate the gems they already have from them. We assess their real needs, their wants, and their excess, and we realise how content they can be Sith what they already have.

Now we don’t put any type of shopping ban in place – that’s not my philosophy. But feeling free of the need to shop more is priceless. Between rediscovering old pieces and finding new ways of wearing current ones, it’s all about contentment and mindset ultimately.

How you ready to make your big mindset shift? You can start today for just $17, with my 7-day Your Style, Your Mind program. Get it now and see how easy it is to break up with fast fashion, once you find this peace of mind.

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