This Will Make You Change Your Mind about Capsule Wardrobes

For a long time, I resisted the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe, because I found it so limiting and restricting. Forcing myself to have no more than 30 pieces, feeling guilty for owning 10 pairs of shoes (ok, a bit more, but we're not here to judge), and all these other arbitrary rules. If that's how you feel about capsule wardrobes, then I feel you, my friend. You're in the right place: one of non-judgment and freedom.

What I'm trying to say is: I didn't believe in capsule wardrobes, until… I fully understood the concept behind it! And that's how I changed my perspective. And you will too. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

A lot of people focus on a certain number of pieces, “You can't have more than 15/33/45 items; otherwise it's not a capsule anymore”. I mean, it's quite common in the Sustainability community, as well as in the vegan world, to find that the more advanced folks criticise what beginners do (or rather what beginners don't do yet). And that's one of the reasons why I would stay clear of the Capsule Wardrobe Movement. I didn't want other people telling me that my efforts were worthless; or worse, that my lifestyle was not “sustainable enough”.

As genuine people who want to lower our impact on the planet and do good; sustainability can be such an overwhelming concept already; feeling judged by others is the last thing we need. Honestly…

And then something happened. While working from client to client, from wardrobe to wardrobe, I slowly started to realise that what I was doing with them was helping them build their Signature Style, yes? But even more importantly, I realised I was helping them build the foundation, the structure of their wardrobe. In other words: their Capsule Wardrobe.

I know, I couldn't believe it! Had I sold my soul to those extremists? Hahaha! No, not at all, but I had finally got to the bottom of it and identified the fundamental principles of a capsule wardrobe. And I came up with new rules.

So here it is to a new perspective on capsule wardrobes!

  • Don't look at the lists of “must-haves” others have identified. It might be their capsule, but it probably won't fit your style. If you're not into a classic button-down white shirt, then don't get one, it has no place in your capsule.
  • Don't focus on a specific number. Less is more, yes, but if you go through the whole year, with 100 pieces, you're doing great! Especially if you're used to a 500-piece mess in your closet. The idea behind small numbers isn't to force yourself to dress the whole year in the same 45 pieces. It's about reducing what you currently have, optimising your key pieces, and getting creative to come up with many options with few pieces (nobody cares about the actual number).
  • You don't have to only have neutral colours. Your capsule wardrobe depends heavily on your colour palette, not on the amount of black and white in contains. I would also say that when you have a functional colour palette, there is probably a much more exciting challenge, and a much more interesting visual identity to be built from there.
  • Pleeease, don't have too many basics. You'll feel bored and uninspired. I feel like I can't stress this enough, but it's not about how many basics you own. Basics are only the blank canvas on which you exhibit your exact style and personality. You need key pieces to do that, not basics. Basics are often one of the main culprits of the “I don't have anything to wear” syndrome.

Have fun! Make up your own rules, because ultimately, it's supposed to be fun!

That's how I see capsule wardrobes now, and I not only believe in it, I also help my clients build theirs! ✨

So, Capsule Wardrobe, YAY or NAY?

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