Welcome to the beautiful world of sustainable fashion.

Yes. I said it.

Because even though I love fashion, I know there is some pretty ugly things happening behind the scenes. Sustainable fashion on the other hand, if navigated properly, makes it all beautiful again! But that's when it's not too confusing…

And that's why I do what I do.


I make sustainable fashion – and sustainability in general – accessible, achievable, and all around more attainable for people who don't have the time, the energy and the resources to be researching these things all the time.

Because let's be honest. It takes time to become an expert on any given topic. And you're not expected to become an expert on sustainable fashion.

I'm fortunate to have this as my job; and my responsibility, as my job, is to make it easier for you – because you have your own job to focus on.


So if you're ready to learn more, without the pressure and the overwhelm of having to know it all, then keep reading.

It's the beginning of your sustainable fashion journey.