Sustainably Styled Terms & Conditions

1. Description

1.1. The relationship between me, the Stylist, and you, the Client is Co-Creative, meaning we are equals in the coaching process. The first step in the Co-Creation process is the development of style, sustainability and ethical lifestyle goals. Next, the strategy is drafted with an action plan, based on the current format of the Sustainably Styled Program. Then, I, the Stylist will support you through the Program, and help keep you accountable to stay on track, provide guidance and achieve those goals.

1.2. The Password Protected Program Area: The Stylist shall maintain a Program Area that will include video, audio and written lessons, templates, worksheets, checklists, slide decks and other training and support information. You shall have access to this Program Area for as long as the Program Area exists, however no less than 120 days. In the event that Stylist intends to close the Program Area, it shall provide clients with a 30 day notice and the ability to download the resources contained in the Program Area, which is what is referred to as “Lifetime Access” in the marketing materials.

2. Responsibilities of Stylist:

2.1Stylist agrees to maintain the ethics and standards of behaviour reasonably expected in professional context.

2.2. Stylist will give Client access to a personalised platform hosting the Sustainably Styled Program.

2.3. Stylist will offer Client 1:1 coaching session, as advertised in the Program description, and any additional support deemed necessary by Stylist

2.4. Stylist is not a therapist or counsellor. Stylist is not a substitute for therapy, if needed.

3. Responsibilities of Client:

3.1. Client commits to following the entirety of the Program, and is fully present during coaching sessions.

3.2. Client takes ownership of her own Style transformation and Sustainability journey, decisions, choices, actions and results.

3.3. Client will communicate with integrity, and create the time and energy to participate fully in the program.

3.4. Client accepts the fact that coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical or other qualified professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters

4. Confidentiality

4.1. This coaching relationship, as well as all information that the Client shares with the Stylist is bound to confidentiality, but is not considered a legally confidential relationship. The Stylist will not disclose the Client’s name as a reference without the Client’s consent. Confidential information does not include information that:

  • (a) was in the Stylist’s possession prior to its being furnished by the Client;
  • (b) is generally known to the public or in the Client’s industry;
  • (c) that the Stylist is required by law to disclose

5. Sustainably Styled Package

6. Schedule & Fees

6.1. In consideration of Your access to the Program, you agree to pay the following fees.

6.2. You may choose between a single payment of $987 (due immediately) or 4 monthly payments of $289. If you select the payment plan, you must pay the initial payment today and then your selected payment method will be automatically charged the following 3 payments on a monthly basis, for a total payment of $1,156. If you opt for monthly payments, you will remain responsible for those payments unless you obtain a refund according to the Program’s Refund Policy set forth below. You may not cancel or avoid these payments except through the Refund Policy. In the event that any payment is not made, the Stylist shall immediately suspend your access to the Program.

7. Policies & Procedures:

7.1. The time of the coaching sessions and/or location will be determined by Coach and Client based on a mutually agreed upon time and place. The Sylist will provide the Client with a unique link for each coaching session.

7.2. You commit to attend all sessions promptly and with an intention to be centred, ready to engage and take meaningful actions.

8. Cancellation Policy

8.1. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Stylist 24 hours in advance of the scheduled calls/meetings to reschedule or cancel.

8.2. Stylist reserves the right to bill Client for a missed meeting. Stylist will attempt in good faith to reschedule the missed meeting.

9. Refund Policy

9.1. After the program has begun, you will have access to the online platform with the material. Any unused sessions will not be refunded, but may be rescheduled for up to 12 months after the initial payment, unless 

9.2. All unused coaching sessions expire 12 months after initial payment.

9.3. Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the program. I commit to a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Program. That money-back guarantee is governed by the following terms.

In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 30 days of the first module being released, contact me at and let me know you’d like a refund by the 30th day at 11:59 GMT. You must include your coursework with your request for a refund. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework by the 30th day, you will not be granted a refund.

The work that you need to submit with your request for a refund includes ALL of the following items:

  • Requirement 1:  Complete and attach at least 14days of your Style Journal.
  • Requirement 2: Complete and attach the takeaways from your mindset worksheet.
  • Requirement 3: Complete and attach your Vision Board Analysis.
  • Requirement 4: Attach a link to your Vision Board.
  • Requirement 5: Attach screenshots of your POP Colour Palette.
  • Requirement 6: Attend at least two coaching sessions with me.
  • Requirement 7: Tell me why this course was not a good fit for you and your personal needs. What did you expect that you did not get once inside the program?

We will NOT provide refunds for any request that comes more than 30 days following the date of purchase. After day 30, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless of whether you complete the program.

Please note: If you opted for a payment plan and you do not request a refund within 30 days, with the required coursework at the time of your refund request, you are required by law to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan.

Upon determining that you are entitled to a refund pursuant to this policy, the Stylist will promptly issue an instruction to its payment processor to issue the refund. The Stylist does not control its payment processor and will not be able to expedite any refunds.

If you receive a refund of any purchase through this money-back guarantee, that shall immediately terminate any and all licenses granted you to use the material provided to you under this Agreement and armelleferguson’s Terms of Use. You shall immediately cease using the material and shall destroy all copies of the information provided to you, including without limitation: video recordings, audio recordings, forms, template documents, slide shows, membership areas, social media groups limited to paying members, and other resources.

All refunds are discretionary as determined by Stylist. To further clarify, we will not provide refunds for requests made after the 30th day from your date of purchase and all payments must be made on a timely basis. If payments are not made on time, you agree to pay interest on all past-due sums at a rate of 1.5% per month or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is greater.

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know by contacting me directly at:


This is the entire agreement of the parties, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.