How to Transition your Summer Wardrobe into Autumn

Here it is: this very bizarre time of the year where you’re freezing cold in the morning, super hot during the day, and going from the warm season to the cooler weather in a not-so-smooth way. Yup! Autumn is coming! And you know what it means: you have to find ways to transition your summer wardrobe into autumn. And you’ll also have to find a big enough bag to put your jacket in when it’s too hot… I know… Not fun…

Now I know what you’re thinking: How to do it? Where to start? Do I get rid of all my strapped dresses? What about my skirts and sandals?

Well, I have good news, you don’t have to change your whole wardrobe quite yet. Actually, you will only have to change a few pieces and accessories, if you follow these two principles. So here is how to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

Play with Layers

Let’s start with some good news: you can still wear a lot of your scrappy dresses and short skirts. You will even find new ways to wear them if you have never experienced with layers before. So how do you layer?

The most obvious layering example is to simply throw a jacket on your dress, t-shirt or top. This is what we do almost every day, anyway. During this time of the year, however, you get much more choice, because you get to change a whole look, simply by the type of jacket or coat you’re choosing. See how different the same outfit looks when you add a denim jacket, a leather (or vegan leather) jacket, or a trench coat. This can definitely give a very different dynamic to your style.

Another way of playing with layers is to add a top underneath your sleeveless dress, jumpsuit or top. Now, this is a bit tricky, because not all collars will work together, and not all patterns will work together. My tip here is to choose a dress or top that has the simplest neckline possible; no frills, no extra details. The layering, especially if you are creating a colour contrast, is enough for the eye. If you choose to experiment with a maxi dress, make sure you play with the sleeves as well and create exciting details for the eye.

Some inspirations for this can be found here, here, here and here.

If you feel a little bit more adventurous, you can try to layer your jackets and coats. This will especially work in October and November when the weather gets a bit cooler. Create contrast with textures and colours, and make sure your jackets and tops are of different length. One word of warning here: your external layer needs to be large enough to create a style without making you look bulky. But again: the key here is to have fun and experiment. Find examples here, here and here.

Last but not least: tights and leggings. Now, I do not believe that leggings should be worn as trousers, and I am so particular when it comes to tights. But here are a few tips. You can try and wear your maxi dress with leggings (or trousers, but make sure it doesn’t make you look bulky). This works better if the dress has a long slit and the trousers are very simple.

And obviously, we all know how to wear tights for a warm, casual look. One word about the tights: do not try to hide them, you will not succeed… Simply own the fact that you are wearing tights, and wear a colour that truly contrasts with your skin (black or not). I don’t know who came up with these “skin-like” tights (or even worse, the shiny ones..!) But it’s not working… Also, ripped tights, unless you are a 15-year-old grungy, high school girl, should not take any space in your wardrobe (or unless it’s to clean your shoes?).

Spice it up with Accessories

Now that you’ve mastered the art of layering, let’s talk accessories. If you still think it's a challenge to transition your summer wardrobe into autumn, then picture how easy it is to pair up your navy polka dot slip dress with a grey long sleeve turtleneck top, a grey fedora hat, some ankle boots and a crossbody bag. Now imagine your white summer shirt with your favourite pic of jeans; add to it your trench coat, your high knee boots, your thick scarf and a brown bag. Does it make you feel autumnal enough?

You get it: accessories are the easiest way of changing a look. They are also a great way to experiment and create new outfits ethically. So play with your scarves, your belts, your hats and your boots, and make your looks that much warmer.

It’s improbable that you will wear your summer sandals again, so you can put them away for this year and replace them with your favourite boots and loafers (and remember socks are also a great way of showing your creativity).

In terms of bags, you might want to leave behind the straw bags and get your earthy coloured bags out. Also, Make sure you have a bag big enough to store your unused accessories when the weather gets a bit warmer.

Other than that, hats all the way, and of course, play with your belts to create structure.

Now you’re ready to transition into autumn seamlessly before it gets really cold. We will then need to change gear and really start thinking of coats and beanies, but for now: enjoy the weather!

What are some cool ways you style your summer pieces to wear them in autumn? Let me know in the comment section below!

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