Why you Need a Personal Stylist: 13 Benefits you Didn’t Know

A while ago, I wrote an article about misconceptions and myths about working with a personal stylist. And honestly, I thought I had covered it quite well until I realised it was only one side of the coin – a coin with many sides, I have to admit. Why? Because I didn’t tell you why you need a personal stylist, and what the benefits of a personal stylist can be for you.

We have the obvious – make sure you always look good – of course, but the reasons why you need a personal stylist are often much deeper than that. There is an undeniable correlation between your self-confidence, the stress in your life, and even how much money you save!

So that’s what we’re talking about. The question we’re answering today is quite simple: why do you need a personal stylist. And you’ll find at least 13 reasons and benefits of a personal stylist below.

1. Build a Cohesive “Brand”

This is what most people want when they hire a personal stylist. But the truth is: they don’t really understand how powerful it actually is. So I’ll give you an example.

If you see a big giant M, in red and yellow colours, then chances are, you’ll immediately know there is a fast-food restaurant in the vicinity. Right?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “ok, but what does this have to do with my style?”. Well, the truth is, whether you want it or not, you are a brand. You are your own personal brand.

In business, a brand is defined as “what other people say and think about you when you’re not in the room”. So, whether it is Anna Wintour’s haircut and sunglasses, or Emmanuelle Alt’s all-black look; these are personal brands.

You obviously don’t have to be gimmicky or define your “thing” that you’ll have to do for the rest of your life. Far from it. But we will make sure that you have a cohesive wardrobe, that will make people feel and understand your style.

We want people to see a piece and think instantly of you “oh, this definitely looks like something my friend would wear!”.

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2. Understand Yourself Better

For people to have this clear idea of your style and what your brand is, one of the benefits of a personal stylist, is that a good one will help you go beyond your appearance.

I remember going to try on wedding dresses in 2017. The wedding gown expert was amazing at picking dresses that would fit me and my figure, but thank goodness that wasn’t the only factor to pick my dress – otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to stay within my budget!

The key factor was to choose a dress that fitted my personality. And that’s exactly what a personal stylist helps you do. Defining your style is not simply about body types, what suits you and what makes you look good. And if you’ve been around long enough, you know that I don’t even teach my clients about body types.

The first part of working with a personal stylist, and I think it’s probably one of the biggest benefits of a personal stylist, is the mindset work. We get to dive deep into you, who you are, sometimes uncovering sensitive topics and things you weren’t even aware of. Yup, limiting beliefs and all that.

Ultimately, my job as a stylist is to help you understand yourself better; then and only then can we start looking at clothing and fashion. And for this simple reason, I’d say a personal stylist is definitely worth it.

3. Get with Somebody who Understands You and Your Personality

Sooooo, it also means your stylist is somebody that you should be able to trust – it’s all about your relationship. Many of my clients are still my friends, and we laugh and chat all the time. Why? Because your clothes are an expression of your personality.

When you get to do that kind of work with somebody, they understand you, your personality and your insecurities; this is bound to create a strong relationship.

And to add to this point: this is why it’s key that you choose a stylist you get along with! Otherwise, it simply won’t work.

4. Build a Long Term Relationship

This also means: it is for the long term! What do I mean by that? Does it mean you can’t work with me for one-off events and call it a day? Well of course not; I’d be glad to help you find the perfect award-wining-speech suit (yes! That’s you, giving a thank you speech! I’m dreaming big for you.) And I’d love to help you look perfect for that job interview. But that’s not my ultimate goal.

The way I work is quite simple, I guide you so you have all the tools to make all your wardrobe decisions on your own, build your perfect from scratch, while making it sustainable, and teaching you how to grow from there without me. But I also want to be available for any important event, major life change, or even your seasonal wardrobe cleanse: if you don’t need me, all good; but if you do, I’m your girl!

Your stylist is somebody that you should be able to trust – it’s all about your relationship. Many of my clients are still my friends, and we laugh and chat all the time.

5. Build an Optimised Wardrobe for all Occasions

Now for the obvious stuff! Unless you’re a celebrity – and even then – you want a wardrobe that’ll work for all occasions. One of the benefits of a personal stylist is that you get professional expertise on how to build exactly this.

I’ve been in contact and worked with people who had a wardrobe for work, a different one for their everyday life, one for church style, one to stay at home… Like… That’s obviously not my philosophy, and even though you don’t necessarily need to build a capsule wardrobe; we’ll make sure your wardrobe is optimised.

6. Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

And the whole point of having an optimised wardrobe is that you get to make the most of what you have! Not only do we learn to appreciate and rediscover the pieces we already own, but we also make sure that we invest in pieces that are versatile enough to allow you creativity!

The creative part of things can sometimes feel a bit intimidating, but I’m always here to ease you into it. No rush, no scary experiments; but only tips and personalised advice that’ll make you more confident to try new things.

7. Build an Efficient wardrobe

Between the “I don’t know what to wear” and “my style is boring”, I can tell you I’ve heard pretty much every negative thing you might be thinking about your wardrobe. And the number one reason for it is usually the same for everyone: your wardrobe isn’t efficient for you.

It might be efficient for somebody else. But what do you say of a wardrobe that only contains pieces that you love? Not the same ten pieces you always reach for as soon as they’re washed, but exclusively pieces that reflect you.

We constantly get bombarded by lists of “must-haves” and “basics every woman should own”. That’s the complete opposite of what I teach. Your list is your own. And following these “guides” only offers clutter and frustration.

We’re here for an efficient and personalised wardrobe.

8. Be Confident in your Clothes

And because you have an efficient wardrobe, full of pieces that you love and reflect who you truly are, you feel confident in your clothes!

Honestly, combined with the fact that you know yourself and how you want to portray yourself, this is probably the single most important benefit of a personal stylist. Confidence in yourself, confidence in your clothes. Because at the end of the day, attitude is everything.

9. Define your Colour Palette

Now let’s stir up some controversy, shall we..? Are you ready?

I will not give you your seasonal colour palette. That’s it, I said it. I won’t give you your colour palette, and I won’t perform a colour analysis on you either. Oops…

But hear me out, I have my reasons.

My approach is a concept I came up with, that I call the POP colour palette (your Personalised Organic Palette).

It’s actually quite simple. I don’t want to force you into something a stranger decided for you. If they say you can’t wear yellow, but it’s your favourite colours, it’s very unlikely you’ll like that they made that decision for you.

The way I see things is quite simple. We create your palette, mainly based on your personal preferences and your organic choices. We pause. And we observe. If anything doesn’t look quite right, we tweak it until it works.

Also, let me tell you a little secret. Most of the times, your POP palette – the one you create organically – will be very similar, if not identical to what your seasonal colour analysis will tell you. Trust me, I know this stuff, and I’ve seen it happen countless times.

10. Take Away the Stress

One of the other benefits of a personal stylist is that it takes away the stress of wondering what to wear every day. After I’m done with you, if you don’t feel confident no matter what you choose in the morning, then I didn’t do my job properly. Simple.

That’s why you need a personal stylist: because it takes away the stress.

And that’s also why you don’t need a whole bunch of body theory rules and seasonal colour palette rules to stress you out even more.

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11. Stay True to your Values

Now this reason to hire a personal stylist is not often talked about, simply because most stylists and wardrobe consultants don’t do it. But working with a stylist whose values align with yours – or who can work with your values – is crucial.

I always say: wanting to look good is ok. It’s legitimate, and we all should aspire to it.

Wanting to keep the planet and look good guilt-free is also legitimate.

Now if you want a stylist that’s going to take you on a shopping spree and give you a complete and dramatic wardrobe makeover, then that’s fine. But I’m not your girl – there are loads of stylists like that out there who’ll be perfect to help you.

I will however help you build a sustainable wardrobe, so you can look good guilt-free. I’ll give you all the tools to understand sustainable fashion, and I’ll also be available to guide you on your sustainability journey.

Working with a stylist that understand your values is crucial; because remember, it’s a long term relationship. And you shouldn’t have to compromise.

12. Get Access to Special Brand Deals

Yes, stylists have special contacts, know about exclusive launches, and get special deals regularly. And those who have a good relationship with brands and are on PR lists often have the opportunity to extend those offers to their clients.

Now, do you get 50% off everything? No.

Should you want 50% off everything? No. Remember, we are building a sustainable wardrobe. We don’t promote overconsumption.

But does it feel good to know that you might sometimes benefit from a few perks? Heck yes!

13. Save Time and Money

How many times have you wasted money on a piece you thought you liked, only to wear it once and never look at it again?

Exactly. Way too many.

The main reason for this is actually quite simple: your style hasn’t been defined well enough. When your style is not clearly defined, it leaves the door open to impulse purchase, wrong buys and other pitfalls of shopping.

And of course, you could potentially fix that alone. But working with a stylist will help accelerate the process, while also avoiding all these unfortunate expenses. Your initial investment will be much higher than the price of that one sad outfit; but long-term, you’ll win on time, money, and all the extra perks listed above.

So if you are still wondering, there are many benefits of working with a stylist. From saved resources to personal improvement. And from all my work with my clients, I can say: it is a life-changing experience. So if you are still worried about the investment, knowing if it’s worth it or not, then check out my style resources, to help you start your style journey on your own.

If you’re ready to start your style journey on the fast track and save you all the headaches, then book a call with me today, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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